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We are Dreamers exploring the world.
We are Lionsmith.

We are dreamers.
We dream about a world that will no longer be destroyed.
We dream that one day humanity can live on earth in close connection with nature.
And we don't want the dream to remain only a dream.


We want to present nature and life as we discover, explore and feel it during our travels. We want to raise awareness and make a small difference.


When a professional graphic and motion designer meets a teacher of arts and passionate photographer , time lapse and video art are their tools of choice.

We love to travel, we love to discover nature and catch her spirit.

We like to hunt the biggest monsters on earth.

We like to show the greatness of our planet.


Our footage is available on Send us an email if you are part of an organisation protecting nature and the environment to ask for special conditions.

Contact us!


Thank you for your mail!

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